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 Visit of Mr. Nazir Masih in USA for Participation World AIDS Day worship.

 Mr. Nazir Masih – Chief Executive NLACS was invited by Metropolitan Community Church of New York to commemorate World AIDS Day 2010 with their community. The program was organized on 1st of December 2010 at MCCNY building. On this occasion representatives from other HIV and AIDS related organizations were also present.


Mr. Nazir shared the situation of HIV and AIDS in Pakistan with participants along with the work New Light is doing. New Light is the leading organization with set up of four offices in major cities of Pakistan.  New Light has increasing number of HIV positive persons with an average increase of 15 – 20 persons per month. This situation put New Light in awkward position where more and more people are seeking support of services from New Light contrary New Light has limited resources. The basic purpose of the visit was to introduce the work of Organization with other like minded organizations to seek support and assistance in carrying out the work for PLHIV in Pakistan.


In next days Mr. Nazir met with Mr. Daniel - Director of Latino Commission on AIDS. Mr. Daniel shared his work in US and exchanged the IEC material which could be helpful for New Light. Mr. Nazir also met with Mr. Jeff - Managing Director of GMHC.  GMHC is worlds first and leading organization to provide prevention, care and advocacy services. Mr. Jeff assured his cooperation and support in future.


Mr. Nazir also had a meeting Mr. Lucky Michaels Director Homeless Youth Services – MCCNY. Mr. Lucky presented a book depicting the issues and problems of homeless youth. Mr. Lucky also assured his cooperation in future to help out New Light in provision of Treatment, Care and Support services.


Mr. Nazir also had a meeting with Ms. Yina Santiago – Business Outreach & Marketing Officer of First Care of New York, Inc. First Care is home care service agency. Ms. Yina also assured her possible cooperation with New Light. 


Report of Seminar on "Mainstreaming of Primary Health Care System at Rawalpindi in context of HIV and AIDS"


The Seminar on "Mainstreaming of Primary Health Care System at Rawalpindi in Context of HIV and AIDS" had been held at New Light AIDS Control Society (NLACS) Rawalpindi Office on 20th December 2010. The Seminar was organized in Collaboration with National Association of PLHIV and supported by Action Aid Pakistan.

The Agenda of the Seminar was as follows:

  • Welcome Address and introduction of Participants ( Saleem Khan NLACS RWP).
  • Introduction of New light    ( Ms. Kiran NLACS Lahore)
  • Services of NLACS Rawalpindi Office ( Saleem Khan NLACS Rawalpindi).
  • Introduction of PPTCT Program UNICEF & Primary Health care ( Dr. Shazra, Unicef Pakistan).
  • Medicine Adherence and Primary Health care ( Dr. Naseem ART Specialist PIMS).
  • Role of Association & Primary health Care ( Mr. Saeed)
  • HBC Kit Distribution and Description (Mr. Samuel Nazir & Ms. Kiran NLACS LHR)

Number of Participate 35 PLHIV.

Mr. Saleem Khan welcomes all the participants on behalf of NLACS Rawalpindi Office. All the participants introduced themselves.


Ms. Kiran gave a brief introduction of New Light AIDS Control Society. She told about the offices of NLACS throughout Pakistan and about the services offered by the NLACS. Mr. Saleem Khan also gave a brief description of services and system of Rawalpindi Office.


Dr. Shazra Abbass present at the occasion told the participants about PPTCT program and very informative discussion has been conducted. She also told the PPTCT facilities available in Pakistan. She also shared about the primary Health Care system in Pakistan.


Dr. Naseem ART Specialist PIMS Islamabad also conducted a very informative session. She told all the participants in which majority was PLHA about the ARV Adherence. It was also a very fruitful session especially for PLHA. She advised them not to miss any single dose of ARV. Incase of any unavoidable situation no body is allowed to miss more than three doses. In short she advised that the adherence should be 95 %. Then she told about Primary Health care System in context with HIV and AIDS is very poor in Pakistan. More Doctors should be trained and more VCT centers should be developed at least at District Levels.

Mr. Saeed from PLHIV Association also shared his personal experiences about the Primary Health Care system in Pakistan. He also told about Role of Association.

At the occasion HBC KITS had also been distributed among PLHA by the staff of NLACS Lahore. Before this Ms Kiran & Mr. Samuel Nazir gave a detailed demonstration of HBC KIT. Ms Kiran described abut the Medicines present in the Kit and about their use. Mr. Samuel Nazir described about "How to take temperature from Thermometer". He also demonstrated about the bandage of wound and the proper handling and use of accessories/tools present in the HBC KIT. He also told about "How to dispose of waste/infected wool or bandage after use".


In short during this seminar PLHA present at the Occasion got very important information.


At the end all the participants were served with Lunch and traveling expenses are also given to all the participants.