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Report “CHBC Training for PLHIV Women”


New Light has been giving away trainings on CHBC for a very long time to keep its beneficiaries updated with the care and support of PLHIV. A number of trainings have been given so far. Previously, trainings were given on monthly basis but now due to financial constraints, it has been shifted on quarterly basis. Many international agencies have been involved with New Light in giving away these trainings of which UNAIDS, CRS are of vital importance. These international donor agencies have not only helped in CHBC trainings but also have facilitated in making New Light a leading PLHIV care and support organization in Pakistan. Jalal Pur Jattan is such an area of Pakistan where HIV and more specifically AIDS ratio is very high and where people are not aware of the true nature of CHBC.  Keeping in view this context, CHBC training was held for PLHIV of Jalal Pur Jattan, District Gujrat and for the care takers of these PLHIV on 25th June, 2011 at New Light head office, Lahore in which the participants were told about providing care and support to PLHIV, reducing stigma, and mobilizing the community to prevent future HIV infections. A total of 30 participants took part in the training (23 positive PLHIV and 7 care takers of PLHIV). The facilitators included:

1.       Mr. Nazir Masih (main facilitator)

2.        Miss Kiran

 3.       Miss Elizabeth

The basic aim of the training was to make able the participants about care and treatment of PLHIV so that:

ü  Demonstrate a caring and supportive attitude toward PLHIV.

ü  Mobilize the community in the prevention of HIV and support for PLHIV and their families.

ü  Help reduce stigma against PLHIV within families and the community.

ü  Promote good nutrition and positive living for PLHIV.

ü  Manage common Opportunistic Infections (OIs).

ü  Transfer knowledge and skills regarding CHBC.

ü  Keeping adherence with ARV dugs and treatment.

The participants were given a through description for the care and support of PLHIV so that they can:

·         Measure the weight and height of PLHIV patient and take care of the patient accordingly.

·         How to use the thermometer?

·         Proper way to wake up the patient in the morning.

·         How to change dress of PLHIV patient?

·         How to change the bed sheet of the patient?

·         If the patient can’t walk, help him out with the use of wheel chair to use washroom and rest of the activities.

·         Personal hygiene of the PLHIV patient.

·         Nutritional plan for the PLHIV patient.

·         Physiotherapy for the PLHIV patient.

·         Importance of ARV adherence.

·         Necessary measures for PLHIV patient if patient is also suffering from TB (Tuberculosis)

The participants were given lunch and they stated that after the training, they were able to recognize the importance of CHBC for a PLHIV patient.