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New light Aids

Future plans


New Light has many exciting plans for the future including:

• The further expansion of New Light services including the development of new offices in other key cities.
• Further Training to build the capacity of New Light staff and members, as well as to breakdown stigma and discrimination at all levels of society.

• New Light will launch a large-scale fundraising campaign to ensure the sustainability of New Lights efforts and to engage more directly with local donors. This will include some fun and exciting events.

• We continue to identify HIV positive people, specifically focusing on vulnerable groups such as truck drivers, sex workers, mobile/migrant workers and New Light has applied for a grant to continue such work specifically with MSM communities.

• New Light aims to establish a well-equipped laboratory for HIV and AIDS screening and other related tests.

• New Light will plan a large-scale project to educate youth on HIV and AIDS using peer educators to disseminate information in schools, colleges, and universities.  

• New Light also has the greater ambition to establish a treatment centre for the members of New Light and other HIV positive people.